Developing tourism associated with environmental protection

Monday, Oct 29 2018, 16:18

QTV - Since being connected with the national electricity grid, the tourism on Co To Island has been promote, causing pressure on the environment protection. Facing this situation, the localities have implemented many solutions to protect the ecological environment and sea landscape, aiming at sustainable tourism development.

Free eco bags are distributed to local people and tourists

In response to 2018 theme of "Protecting and improving the natural environment” Coto Youth Union has implemented the project “Limiting the use of plastic bags", encouraging local people and visitors using environmentally friendly materials; providing free 1,000 plastic baskets and eco bags to households for use. Apart from guiding people to classify waste, organizing the Green Sundays, the Coto district has also installed trash bin system along the main roads…., keeping ecological environment green andclean. Since the beginning of the year, Coto has welcomed over 233.000 tourists.
Translated by Chu Linh