Ha Long University updates the education program to train high quality tourism staffs

Thursday, Aug 02 2018, 08:32

QTV - In order to meet the labor demand of Quang Ninh while it is becoming an international tourist center, the Faculty of Tourism, Ha Long University has developed practical training programs to raise high quality of the human resources, serving the development requirements of the province.

The practice time for students at the Faculty of Tourism, Ha Long University

With practical programs, the faculty called for the active involvement of tourism businesses in training, developing lessons, evaluating the quality of students. Under the practical education, theory accounts for only 30% of the curricular while the remaining is for practice including 50% of internship at businesses. Along with that, the faculty also enhances international cooperation to provide opportunities for students to integrate into modern tourism, update new tourism skills. 100% of students of the faculty land suitable jobs after graduating. The demand of high quality tourism human resource is estimated to be huge. 
Translated by Dao Linh