Festival culture at spiritual tourist destinations

Wednesday, Mar 14 2018, 15:25

QTV - To preserve and promote traditional cultural at festivals, many spiritual tourist destination in the province have paid attention to the management of festivals and ensured the politeness in accordance with fine tradition of the nation. 

Cua Ong Temple Festival

For many years, Cua Ong Temple has carried out many measures to manage festivals well. An area providing visitors with free clothes for praying has been arranged since 2016, contributing the ensure cultural beauty when coming to the temple. The temple is also highly appreciated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the management of donations. The Temple Management Board is set up with the participation of representatives from organizations, the ward, and the city. The donation is used to make the temple have a new look with no beggars and traffic jam. Visiting temple at the beginning of a new year is a cultural beauty in Vietnamese life. Apart from the active involvement of local authority, people should be aware of when taking part in festivals, thus preserving and promoting the cultural beauty.  
Translated by Quynh Trang