Managing and improving the quality of boat rowing and kayaking in Halong Bay

Wednesday, Aug 02 2017, 11:20

QTV - In order to ensure the safety of visitors and shipping operations in Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City has implemented many measures to enhance the management, improving the quality of the boat sailing and kayaking service.
Some images regarding rowing and kayaking services on Ha Long Bay:




Ha Long Bay now has 31 businesses, providing boat rowing and kayaking services with a total of about 1400 vehicles. The Ha Long Bay Management Board has planned 8 areas specializing in rowing and kayaking, including Ba Hang, Luon cave, Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Ho Dong Tien Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Dong Co, Hang Co with clear boundaries. On May 31st, 2017, Ha Long City also issued provisional regulations on the management of small operations doing tourism services on Ha Long Bay. Accordingly, businesses providing these two services must be contracted with Halong Bay Management Board. The boats must  meet  the quality and safety standards. Also, they must be certificated with inland waterway registration. The sailors must be within the appropriate age and have obtained health and professional travel certificates. In order to ensure the safety of visitors, Ha Long City also increased the inspection and handled with the violations of transporting means.
Translated by Chu Linh