Awakening Cai Chien Island's tourism potential

Monday, Jun 12 2017, 15:14

QTV - With the aim of  effectively exploiting  the advantages of sea and islands, Hai Ha district focuses on attracting resources for infrastructure investment and ecotourism sea and islands development associated with the participation of local people.

A beautiful beach on Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien Island Commune covering an area of over 155 km2 has  mainly mountainous terrain. The smooth white sand beach stretches for miles. At present, there are 35 tourism homestays with over 120 guest rooms. Cai Chien Island received over 9,000 tourist arrivals in the first 6 months of 2017. Thanks to solutions for tourism development and ugraded infrastructure system, Cai Chien Island is aiming at becoming an ecotourism  sea and island resort, turning tourism, services into  Quang Ninh’s  key economic sector .
Translated by Thu Giang