Quang Ninh and Bac Giang to have connection on tourism
QTV - Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee Nguyen Duc Long had a meeting with his counterpart from Bac Giang, Nguyen Van Linh, on connecting Eco-Spiritual-Cultural Tay Yen Tu in Bac Giang with Yen Tu Landscape and Relics in Quang Ninh.
Quang Ninh Tourism Association sums up its activities in 2017
QTV - In 2017, Quang Ninh Tourism Association worked closely with the Department of Tourism to implement tourism promotion activities, helping the provincial tourism sector achieve its target successfully.
Amazing Co To
QTV - With natural landscape and beautiful beaches, Co To is considered to be a potential district to develop tourism. Since being supplied power from national grid, Co To became an attractive destination of Quang Ninh.
2018 Yellow Flower Tea Festival
QTV - With the theme of "Brilliant Yellow Flower Tea", in the evening of January 6th, Ba Che district held the opening ceremony of second Yellow Flower Tea Festival of 2018.
Ha Long welcome 1900 visitors on World Dream Cruise
QTV - World Dream - the first international cruise of 2018, brought 1,900 visitors to Ha Long Bay. This is a luxury cruise of the Dream Cruises, taking high-end Asian visitors to popular tourist destinations in Vietnam and Philippines with the voyage from Hong Kong or Guangzhou, China.
Collecting fees at Yen Tu historical site
QTV - From January 1st, 2018, Uong Bi city officially collect fees at Yen Tu historical site .
Quang Ninh Museum attracts a number of tourists on New Year
QTV - On New Year occasion, Quang Ninh Museum attracted about 2,000 domestic and international visitors. Averagely, 500 to 700 guests visited the museum daily, increasing 30% compared to weekdays.
Quang Ninh welcomes 9.9 mill tourists in 2017
QTV - In 2017, the tourism industry in Quang Ninh made significant progress with the numbers of visitors and turnover exceeding the set plan.
6,300 international tourists on cruise boats
QTV - On Dec 26th, Saigon Tourist Quang Ninh Brand received four international luxurious cruises carrying 6,300 tourists to Quang Ninh.
Management of foreigners staying in Ha Long on Christmas
QTV - During Christmas holiday, the foreign tourists to Ha Long have risen. In order to ensure security and order, improving the quality of tourist services, the Immigration Control Force under Quang Ninh police has strengthened inspection and management of foreign tourists staying in the city.
Many attractive programs for visitors on Christmas Eve
QTV - With the aim of appealing tourists, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year 2018, besides the magnificent decoration, Ha Long City 's tourism accommodations and services have also organized many attractive programs for visitors.
Quang Ninh to host 2018 National Tourism Year
QTV - The closing ceremony of Lao Cai – Tay Bac National Tourism Year, 2017, and the announcement on recognizing Sa Pa as a national tourism site were held at central square in Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province. On this occasion, Quang Ninh received a flag to host National Tourism Year, 2018.
Foreign visitors to Vietnam hits 11.6 million in 11 months
QTV - Since the beginning of the year, Vietnam has received more than 11.6 million international tourists, a year-on- year increase of 27.8%, according to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. This is the second year in a row Vietnam has seen a strong growth in tourism.
Cruise ship voyage from Fujian, China opens
QTV - On Dec 9th, the 5-star cruise ship Costa Fortuna arrived at Hon Gai Port, bringing along more than 3,000 international visitors to Halong Bay.
Vietnam-China singing exchange
QTV - As part of the 2017 International Vietnam-China tourism trade fair, on Bac Luan river, youth of Mong Cai (Quang Ninh, Vietnam) and Dongxing (Guangxi, China) participated in an exchange of singing in a call and reply pattern on the border river of Bac Luan.
Mong Cai clean up tourism business environment
QTV - In 2017, the number of tourists to Mong Cai city has estimatedly increased 18.5% over the same period last year, most of them are Chinese tourists passingl through Mong Cai International Border Gate.
Ha Long Monaco Resort and Phoenix Villa Projects hastened
QTV - Under Quang Ninh Provincial Standing Party Committee's guideline, the investors of Phoenix Villa in Bai Chay and Ha Long Monaco Resort have speeded up the infrastructure construction to ensure the committed schedule.
In 2017, Quang Ninh tourism growth estimated at 18%
QTV - In 2017, tourism activities in Quang Ninh continue making great stride, contributing to provincial socio-economic development.
Service prices on Ha Long Bay listed in 3 languages
QTV - Service prices on Ha Long Bay listed in 3 languages
Quang Ninh's leaders give opinion on Tuan Chau Planning
QTV - Quang Ninh People's Committee held a meeting to listen to planning of Tuan Chau International Tourist Resort. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Nguyen Duc Long.
Cai Chien develops tourism infrastructure
QTV - Apart from State Budget , Hai Ha has mobilized social sources to develop tourism infrastructure, services in order to make Cai Chien a luxurious island resort.
State budget collection increased thanks to visiting fee
QTV - Since the state management shifted from Ha Long Bay Management Board to Ha Long Municipal People's Committee, state budget collection via visiting fee for the bay has rocketed.
Halong City improves the tourism environment
QTV - With the determination to refresh tourist environment on Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City has intensified the patrol and fined violations while applying many measures to improve tourism services and ensure commercial civilization on cruise ships operating on the Bay.
Quang Ninh receives 7.9 million visitors in 9 months
QTV - According to Quang Ninh's Department of Tourism, in 9 months 2017, Quang Ninh receives 7.9 million tourists, up 18% over the same period. International visitors reached 3 million, up 20%.
Yen Tu attracts international tourists
QTV - Though it is not festive season, Yen Tu National Special Relics still attracts a large number of visitors, especially international tourists.