Electricity supply to Reu Island, Cam Pha City

Thursday, Nov 01 2018, 08:39

QTV - Being inaugurated in early April, after seven months of construction, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Quang Ninh Province, on Oct 30th, Quang Ninh Power Company officially supplied electricity to Reu Island of Cam Pha City.

Cam Pha City's power staff guide Reu Island's people to use electricity safely

The national power grid project for Reu Island, Cam Pha City has a total investment of VND 10 bil., invested by Quang Ninh Power Company. The Reu island is the only one in Vietnam where more than 1,000 yellow monkeys living in semi-wild conditions for vaccine testing and medical research. The national electricity grid connection to Reu Island not only helps improve officials and workers ‘ living and working conditions at cattle farms, but also expands the breeding scale and conditions, vaccine experiment stations on Reu Island. Quang Ninh Power Company has launched projects to supply electricity to small residential groups in remote areas in the province, striving to complete before the 2019 Lunar New Year.
Translated by Chu Linh