Vang Danh coal copany cares for workers

Monday, Oct 29 2018, 16:19

QTV - In order to keep the employees close to each other, over the past time, along with the application of science and technology and improvement in working conditions for employees, Vang Danh Coal Joint Stock Company has cared for the material and spiritual life of employees.

Monthly birthday for Vang Danh Coal Co.'s workers has been held regularly

On this year's birthday, Mr. Thach and 32 colleagues with their birthdays in October are being celebrated by the company at the dorm. Not only taking care of and improving working conditions for employees, the organization of monthly birthdays for workers of Vang Danh Coal Company has contributed to building the civilized lifestyle and culture of enterprises; encouraging the laborers to unite and emulate production. In 2018, Vang Danh Coal Company strives to exploit 2.45 million tons of coal and consume 2.24 million tons.
Translated by Chu Linh