Uong Bi increases administrative services

Tuesday, Oct 09 2018, 16:11

QTV - Recently, Uong Bi City has implemented measures to increase quality of administrative services, ensure transparency and attach with responsibility of heads of departments, offices, chairmen of people’s committees at communes and wards. 

A resident is fulfilling land requirements at Uong Bi Administrative Center.
A resident is fulfilling land requirements at Uong Bi City's Administrative Center.

In third quarter alone, the city’s administrative center received and solved more than 3,800 requirements. 71% of them were returned prior to dates while no requirement was overdue. The administrative procedure is reformed continuously. The e-administration and procedures are standardized while improper procedures are eliminated. The quality of issuance of legal documents is increased; public administrative procedures are posted publicly and completely. All documents are transferred via duty mailbox and all cadres used the mailbox. Uong Bi is determined to boost administrative reform to improve the investment environment and the competitiveness of the locality and the province. 
Translated by Dao Linh