Outstanding businesswomen honored in Cam Pha City

Monday, Oct 22 2018, 13:16

QTV - Cam Pha City in combination with the city ‘s Business Association held a  meeting with   outstanding businesswomen, honored and rewarded 39 typical businesswomen in the area.

Outstanding businesswomen were rewarded

Currently, the number of businesses run by female owners in Cam Pha City accounted for 2% of total businesses and 94.81% of total business households. Over the years, businesswomen and female owners of business households have constantly tried their best to learn, improve qualification, take the initiative in creating brand name and developing enterprises.  The businesswomen have increasingly affirmed their position and role, thereby well implementing the goal of gender quality in the economic field, contributing to the state budget nearly 70 bil. VND annually.
Translated by Thu Giang