Laotian students in Quang Ninh enjoy the most favorable conditions

Saturday, Oct 20 2018, 10:49

QTV - To implement the cooperative program between Quang Ninh and 3 northern provinces of Laos, namely Luang Prabang, Houphan, and Xaynhabuly, universities and colleges in Quang Ninh have created the most favorable conditions for Laotian students. 

Laotian students at Ha Long University

Using Vietnamese fluently plays a key role for students from Laos to learn effectively. Ha Long University assigns 25-student class with 2 teachers, helping them with listening, speaking, and reading Vietnamese fluently after their first year. Laotian students also enjoy the best conditions in term of accommodation. Lao’s Culture Center has been put into operation since mid-year, offering a venue where Laotian students can meet and exchange culture with Vietnamese students. Since 2012, Quang Ninh has received nearly 270 Laotian students, thus strengthening bilateral ties between the 2 provinces in particular and 2 countries in general. 
Translated by Quynh Trang