Ha Phong Ward resettlement fishing village's students enjoy favorable studying conditions

Monday, Oct 29 2018, 16:22

QTV - After 5 years living at the resettlement area of Ha Phong Ward, Ha Long fish village’s children enjoyed better living condition and studying environment. 

Ha Phong Ward fishermen pay special attention to their children's study

1-2 sessions each week, students at class 5A6 , Minh Khai Secondary School No.2 join extracurricular activities with  a variety of topics, helping them improve solidarity and team working skills. Going to the school, fishing village’s children can offer the remission of tuition and lunch support at 200 thousand VND per month. Thanks to good propaganda, the graduation rate of students was 99%. Currently, some students have no birth certificate although they have to go to school. Ha Phong ward’s authority and schools have coordinated to create favorable conditions for them to go to school at the right age.
Translated by Thu Giang