Green and clean schools thanks to actions

Monday, Oct 15 2018, 16:42

QTV - In order the bring the most educational environment to students, along with improving the quality of teaching and learning, education sector in Cam Pha City has implemented the model of Green, Clean an Safe School Model effectively at its every school. 

Children are taking care of trees in the school yard,
Pupils in Tran Hung Dao school are taking care of trees in the school yard.


The most notable thing in the implementation in Cam Pha City is that students play the greatest role. So the sense of working and environmental protection among them has changed a lot. The neighborhood around their schools and their schools yards look greener and cleaner. The model is within a series of programs carried out by Cam Pha City’s education sector to perform the province’s 2018 year theme on “protecting and improving the natural environment” and its own theme “Student-centered method, good teaching, learning, and management”. 
Translated by Quynh Trang