Approving the overall plan for aquatic economic development of Quang Ninh province

Monday, Oct 01 2018, 12:41

QTV - The Provincial People's Committee has just issued the Decision No. 3675 approving the Overall Plan for Aquatic Economy Development in Quang Ninh Province up to 2020 with a vision to 2030.

the area of aquaculture is over 20,000 ha
The area of aquaculture is over 20,000 ha.

The overall objective is to develop the provincial fisheries sector in the direction of modern industry, creating valued and high quality products for domestic market and export. By 2020, the total output of fishery in the province will reach 135,000 tons; the fisheries sector strives to make up over 3% of the province's GRDP; the value of fishery production reaches VND 6,000 billion; export turnover reaches 100 million USD; the area of aquaculture is over 20,000 ha; three fisheries centers and one fishery trading center will be established. By 2030, Quang Ninh will be able to produce high quality aquatic seeds to serve the needs of aquaculture in the province.
Translated by Chu Linh