Uong Bi City implements its year theme

Friday, Jul 06 2018, 16:01

QTV - Implementing the 2018 year theme, Uong Bi City actively synchronously implemented many measures to prevent, limit and overcome pollution, decisively building a clean and worth living destination.

Uong Bi City

To prevent, limit and step by step overcome pollution, the city actively cooperated with the coal industry to build, manage and operate many environmental rehabilitation and restoration projects, especially mining waste water treatment. To date, there are 10 mining waste water treatment stations in all coal production areas in the province.  In 2017, the total volume of treated wastewater reached over 21 million m3, ensuring the B standard before discharging to the environment. Uong Bi City also paid special attention to inspecting the obedience to  environmental law at agencies and enterprises in the area.
Translated by Thu Giang