More than 12,9000 students take entrance exam for high-school year

Tuesday, Jun 05 2018, 11:05

QTV - On June 1st and 2nd, over 12,900 students in Quang Ninh take the entrance examination for high school, school year 2018 - 2019 at 30 examination sites province-wide.

Quang Ninh's students take the entrance examination for high school

Hon Gai High School in Ha Long City has 1,240 contestants, the  the highest number while Co To High School in Co To District has the lowest with 97 students. On June 1st, students take Literature on the morning and foreign languages on the afternoon. On the morning of June 2nd, they take Maths which is the last subject of the contest. This year, applicants for the Ha Long High School for Gifted Children will take their specialized subjects on June 14th. The adjustment aims at creating opportunities form all students to go into the school. To make the examination safe and sound, Quang Ninh’s Department of Education ensures the best conditions for students in term of facilities and security.
Translated by Quynh Trang