Green vegetables planted on Truong Sa ( Spratly ) Islands

Tuesday, Jun 12 2018, 16:17

QTV - On Truong Sa ( Spratly) Islands, each vegetable grows  is the results of soldiers’ efforts and enthusiasm. They have to take care of  vegetables day and night for a green vegetable garden on the island with year –round sunshine, wind and sea water.

Green vegetable garden on Tien Nu Island

Like many other submerged islands on the Spratly Islands, Tien Nu Island is located on the coral reefs, tools for vegetable cultivation, soil and fertilizers are all taken from the mainland. The weather at the Spratly Islands is divided into two distinct seasons,  the rainy and the dry season, so the vegetables are carefully selected, to be ready for the harshness of nature and suitable for the poor soil. Each year, Tien Nu Island plants over 500 kg of vegetables, meeting soldiers’ demands on the island. The green vegetable garden on the island not only improves soldier’s daily meals, but also helps them reduce homesickness, thereby completing the task of protecting the country’s border areas.
Translated by Thu Giang