Clearance progress of Van Don – Mong Cai Highway

Tuesday, Jun 12 2018, 16:16

QTV - Implementing the clearance work serving Van Don – Mong Cai Highway, according to reports from localities, to date, Van Don District completed its clearance .Mong Cai City basically ensured the progress , striving to finish the clearance on July 15th. Meanwhile, Hai Ha, Dam Ha and Tien Yen’ clearance was slow.

Mong Cai City's leaders often check clearance for Van Don Mong Cai Highway project

At a meeting on the progress of Van Don Mong Cai Highway project, Vice Chairperson of Quang Ninh People’s Committee, Vu Van Dien , asked 3 localities of Hai Ha, Dam Ha and Tien Yen to complete the assessment plan approval , compensation and plans to remove infrastructure works, electricity and water system, telecommunications, public works and works managed by state agencies before June 15th, 2018. For resettlement, in this June, localities have to complete the review of resettlement plans.
Translated by Thu Giang