Cam Pha completes sewage system upgrading in June, 2018.

Tuesday, Jun 05 2018, 11:00

QTV - In order to thoroughly solve the flooding situation in the residential areas, from Dec., 2017, Cam Pha City has focused on investing and upgrading 5 irrigation canals in the area. Contractors are now mobilizing human resources and equipment to accelerate the construction progress for early completion of main items before 2018 rainy season.

Ditch system at Mong Duong Ward, Cam Pha City

Previously,  Group 8, Area 8, Mong Duong Ward, Cam Pha City often flooded when the rainy season came . After 5 months of the construction, to date, the project is over 50 % complete. The remaining will be finished in this June. Along with the ditches Group 8, Area 8, Mong Duong Ward,  Cam Pha City is now  speeding up the progress of upgrading ditches in the locality, striving to complete the main items, ensuring the flood drainage and flood fighting at residential areas in this rainy season.
Translated by Thu Giang