Red Journey 2018 "From Blood donation in the mining land to the Vietnam Bloodline"

Friday, May 11 2018, 14:24

QTV - On May 10th, the Provincial Steering Committee for the Voluntary Blood Donation organized a program of red journey in 2018 with the theme “ From Blood donation in the mining land to the Vietnam Bloodline”. 

The meeting scene.
The meeting scene.

The program will be held at the Provincial Convention Center on June 16th and at Uong Bi’s Mobile Police Regiment on June 17th. The organizers expect to receive at least 700 units of blood and increase people's awareness on the voluntary blood donation. On this occasion, the Committee will honor outstanding donors in 2018 and provide consultancy on voluntary blood and congenital hemorrhages for 700 people. Since the beginning of the year, the Voluntary Blood Donation Unit of Quang Ninh organized 26 blood donation turns and received 5,000 blood units.
Translated by Dao Linh