Popularizing regulations on search and rescue at sea

Tuesday, May 22 2018, 10:00

QTV - Implementing the plan "the Year of Traffic Safety ,2018" associated with marine economic development and the protection of  the country’s sovereignty over seas and islands, the Marine Search and Rescue Center , zone I,  has recently propagated regulations on search and rescue safety at sea in line with SAR 79 Convention for fishermen in Dong Xa Commune, Van Don district.

The Organizing Board presented lifebuoys to Dong Xa Commune's people

The event focused on finding out the search and rescue system; the status of safety at sea; how to deal with critical situations at sea and to ensure fire safety., therefore helping fishermen  , boat owners strictly comply with the regulations on search and rescue, marine economic development as well as perform the rights and obligations of States Parties to the SAR 79 Convention.
Translated by Thu Giang