DK1 Rig –firm support for fishermen at sea

Friday, May 25 2018, 15:04

QTV - The DK1 rig is an economic and scientific-technical service providing complex built on the southern continental shelf of the country, 250-350 nautical miles from the mainland. Apart from the task of maintaining the sovereignty of the island, DK1 Rig is also a firm support for fishermen who go out to sea to catch seafood. 


The rig covers on an area of 1050 square meters,
The rig covers on an area of 1050 square meters.

On every offshore fishing, DK1 Rig  is always a trustful address for fishermen to anchor safely. Tu Chinh Shoal, the place where DK1 stands, is the traditional fishing ground with many kinds of valuable seafood of high economic values. Over the past years, apart from defending the sea sovereignty, officers and soldiers here are always ready to guide fishing boats in the fishing ground and protect fishermen’s safety. Thanks to the DK1 Rig, the ships are easy to get to the sea and affirm national sovereignty of territorial waters.
Translated by Quynh Trang