Quang Yen: 20 households stop using banned fishing tools, access to loans

Friday, Apr 27 2018, 13:52

QTV - Continously support the career transition for fishermen, on April 26th , the Quang Ninh Farmers' Aid Fund disbursed loans for the sillago fishing project for 10 households in Lien Vi Commune, Quang Yen Town. 

A househould in Lien Vi receives loans.
A household in Lien Vi receives loans.

Each household received 50 million VND to switch to a new job. Lien Vi has 409 households, the highest number of fisherem using the fish-pot wire in Quang Yen. Over the past time, the Farmer's Association has coordinated with the functional agencies to mobilize 100% of fishermen to stop using banned fishinng tools or move to a new career. Up to now, 20 fishermen have been loaned with total financial support of 1 billion VND.
Translated by Dao Linh