Flashmob performance to raise awareness of autism

Wednesday, Apr 04 2018, 15:12

QTV - Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital and ha Long University performed flashmob to raise people’s awareness of autism and called for the community to held autism victims to join the society. 

Flashmob aims at increasing people's awareness of autism

According to World Health Organization, autism affects some 70 million people around the world. One out of 160 million people is affected with autism. In Vietnam, more than  200,000 people are living with autism. 80% of adult people with autism do not find their job and have to live on others. Since 2015, Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital checked more than 6,300 patients and received over 1,600 children with autism for treatment. Apart from community help, early diagnosis and treatment will help autism children to develop their specific skills and integrate with the community. 
Translated by Quynh Trang