Quang Ninh Social Insurance strengthens its reform at administrative centers

Tuesday, Mar 06 2018, 07:42

QTV - Since June 1st, 2017, Quang Ninh Social Insurance has implemented the receipt and return of results of handling administrative procedures at public administrative centers in 14 districts, towns and cities, as well as the evaluation and approval at public administrative centers.

Social insurance field at the public administrative center

These procedures include the re-issue of lost and damaged health insurance cards or the change of information, collection and issue of health insurance cards for households, voluntary social insurance books. The implementation process has seen a clear effect in rapidly resolving administrative procedures for people and businesses. The provincial social insurance directed its units to synchronously implement solutions to reform administrative procedures. About 76% of administrative procedures in the field of social insurance are reduced, from 115 administrative procedures to 28 procedures, contributing to developing a modern, transparent and effective public administration.
Translated by Thu Giang