Mong Cai Women join hands to protect environment

Friday, Mar 09 2018, 08:28

QTV - Implementing the province’s 2018 task theme on “ protecting and improving the quality of natural environment, recently, Mong Cai Municipal Women’s Union has implemented many good and creative ways ,promoting a core role of women members in environmental protection activities.

Mong Cai's women actively clean up streets

Promoting the key role in mobilizing people to clean up the environment, Mong Cai Municipal Women’s Union has directed 17 its branches to register environmental sanitation  locations on“ Green Saturdays and Sundays“. Besides, women’s associations, at all levels, have deployed creative ways to protect environment, such as constructing roads managed by women, saying no to plastic bags,  classifying and treating waste at home.Currently, 100% of households in Mong Cai have voluntarily signed environmental protection commitments. The environmental protection activities of Mong Cai Municipal Women’s Union created a great impact on people from all walks of life, contributing to raising awareness of the community in environmental sanitation,  civilized lifestyle, gradually creating an image of a green - clean - beautiful Quang Ninh province