Dong Trieu youths ready to join the army

Tuesday, Mar 06 2018, 07:43

QTV - Along with localities in the province, on March 5th , Dong Trieu Town’s 220 young people will join the army, performing the sacred duty for the country.

Mao Khe Ward's leader presented gifts to new soldiers joining the army, 2018.

In 2018, Dong Trieu Town was assigned to call on 220 male citizens to enlist. Until now, the steps in military recruitment have been carried out by Dong Trieu Town’s military service commission. Issues concerning male citizens at ages eligible for military service and law education and propaganda have been renewed, helping people know more about policies for military families. Pre-recruitment and examination were also strictly organized by Dong Trieu Town. To date, 220 youths of Dong Trieu Town are ready to join the army and successfully complete the tasks of building and defending the Fatherland.
Translated by Thu Giang