Co Ngua Bridge puts into operation after over 6 months' construction

Friday, Mar 09 2018, 08:28

QTV - After over 6 months’ construction, Co Ngua Bridge in Luong Mong Commune, Ba Che District  has been completed.

The new bridge is put into operation

Co Ngua Bridge is 38 m long, 8 m wide, invested by the provincial Department of Transport with a total cost of 19.7 bil VND.The completion and operation of Co Ngua Bridge would help 72 households in Dong Chuc and Xom Moi hamlets in Luong Mong Commune easily travel and trade.Co Ngua bridge is an important project, contributing to improving the traffic network of Quang Ninh province in general and Ba Che district in particular, creating a smooth traffic system from the district center to Bac Giang province, therefore promoting economic development.
Translated by Thu Giang