Scientific workshop on the excavation of the special national historical relic of Tran dynasty

Tuesday, Feb 06 2018, 08:19

QTV - The People's Committee of Dong Trieu Town in collaboration with the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University held a workshop to announce results of archeological excavation of some monuments in the Special National Historical Relic of The Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu in 2017.



Archaeologists have located the central axis, the main direction of Tran architecture. All studied buildings are not large, which reflects the spirit of the Zen Buddhist sect existing in the harmony with nature. The archaeologists discovered valuable relics such as a bronze phoenix statue, potteries with brown color patterns, proving the royal architectural nature of An Sinh palace. Notably, vestiges of a tomb with similar structure of Trai Loc tomb were uncovered. The announced results are seen as important scientific foundations for the Dong Trieu to further improve the effectiveness of management, conservation, restoration, embellishment and promotion of the historical Tran Dynasty.
Translated by Dao Linh