Mong Cai Health Center improve people's health care

Wednesday, Feb 28 2018, 14:50

QTV - "Promote physicians’ ethics for people’s sake” is the guiding principle of Mong Cai Health Center’s nurses and doctors over years. On the front lines of the country, they manage to overcome the difficulties of being the most health care facility provincewide to take care local people.



To improve the quality and efficiency of people's health care as well as increase more investment in modern medical equipment and facilities, Mong Cai Health Center has strengthened training its staff to improve their qualifications for the job while implemented technical transfer plans under the scheme of satellite hospital of the Hanoi Medical University Hospital and some central hospitals, contributing to reducing the overload situation at upper hospitals and the cost of medical examination and treatment. Along with the medical staff in the province, Mong Cai Heal Care Center’s workers are trying hard to overcome the difficulties and challenges to meet higher health care needs. 
Translated by Quynh Trang