Administrative procedures solved through the public postal service

Saturday, Jan 20 2018, 10:12

QTV - After over 1 year of implementing the Prime Minister’s Decision No.45 on receiving and returning the results of administrative procedures through the public postal service, Quang Ninh Post Office received and returned administrative procedure results of nearly 500 thousand files from organizations and individuals in the province.

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With the aim of improving the efficiency of public administrative services in the province, Quang Ninh post office signed cooperation agreements with 8 departments, branches and the provincial public administrative center on receiving records and returning the results at home. In 2017, nearly 300 thousand files and administrative procedures were solved, an increase of 100 thousand files compared to 2016. With 114 communal cultural post offices, 40 post offices at level 1, 2, 3 and nearly 1 thousand staff, the receipt and return of administrative procedure results via the post office will better meet the needs of people, organizations and enterprises, thereby contributing to improving the quality of public administration in the new context.
Translated by Thu Giang