Uong Bi city exercise fire fighting and rescue plan of 2017

Monday, Dec 25 2017, 12:28

QTV - At the Branch of Golden Star Company Ltd. , the Uong Bi City government organized the exercise of firefighting and rescue project in 2017.

The exercise scene
The exercise scene

The assumed situation was that the lighting system of the 2nd floor, Golden Star Co., Ltd. occurred fire. The automatic fire alarm system did not work. Immediately after the fire was discovered, the firefighting force expeditiously carried out the fire fighting and rescue work, informed the local firefighters and fire police. These forces mobilize people and means, promptly arrived and rescue of people stranded on the 2nd floor and to quickly used equipment to control and extinguish the fire within 30 minutes. The exercise was an opportunity for the firefighting forces to improve the combat readiness, ability to co-organize and control the forces to effectively fight the fire.
Translated by Chu Linh