Quang ninh: Over 13,000 bil VND allocated for new rural construction

Thursday, Dec 28 2017, 14:41

QTV - In 2017, thanks to the involvemnet of political levels, industries and departments, Quang Ninh has harvested oustanding results while implementing the National Target Program to build new rural areas.

A new look of rural areas in Quang Ninh
A new look of rural areas in Quang Ninh thanks to the effects of the National Target Program.

The total investment for the program exceeded 13,000 bil Vnd, of which contribution of people was more than 458 bill VND. By now, Quang Ninh has had 17 standardised communes, more than 6 communes compared to the plan. Cam Pha city and Uong Bi city were recognized by the central government to fullfill their new rural construction tasks, bringing the total number of new districts to 4. The province attemps to have at least more than 12 standardised communes, and all standardised communes to implement model rural program. The average income in rural areas is increased to 30-45 mill VNd/year and the poverty rate is reduced to 0.3 to 0.7%.
Translated by Dao Linh