Halong City improves the tourism environment

Friday, Sep 29 2017, 14:03

QTV - With the determination to refresh tourist environment on Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City has intensified the patrol and fined violations while applying many measures to improve tourism services and ensure commercial civilization on cruise ships operating on the Bay.

123 violation cases by cruise ships have been dealt with.
123 violation cases by cruise ships have been dealt with.

Since the beginning of the year, Ha Long municipal authorities have dealt with 123 violation cases by cruise ships, 20 ship of which suspended and fined them 193 million VND for administrative violations. Such strict handlings and even suspension of the whole fleet which had let major violations occur have made visitors feel secured and comfortable during their trip.   Ha Long Municipal People's Committee has recently  issued a document requesting cruise ships to strengthen the management and supervision of their crew, to implement the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Code of Conduct for Tourism and Quang Ninh’s Ha Long Smile Code of Conduct. They are also required to install cameras to monitor all activities on board, thus ensure  tourist’ safety and security.  
Translated by Quynh Trang