Food safety checked during Mid-Autumn Festival

Thursday, Sep 28 2017, 14:38

QTV - Interdisciplinary Inspection Team No. 3 headed by the Agro-Forestry Product Quality Assurance Department has checked food safety for Mid-Autumn Festival in Dong Trieu Town and Uong Bi City.

Moon cakes for Mid - Autumn Festival

Most establishments comply with the State regulations on food hygiene and safety. However, there are still a number of food stalls selling foodstuffs mixed with unhygienic consumer goods ... The team asked shop owners to obey regulations on food safety and hygiene. For handmade wine producers, then team required them to take samples of finished wine for regular inspection. In the coming days, the team is going to Hoanh Bo District, Quang Yen Town and Ha Long City.
Translated by Quynh Trang