Dong Trieu Fourth War Zones

Wednesday, Sep 06 2017, 09:31

QTV - Dong Trieu Town is a heroic revolutionary land, bearing the hallmark of our resilient army and people’s in the resistance war to defend the country. Nowadays, the glorious historical tradition continues to be strengthened for the more developed region.

Dong Trieu Fourth War Zones established at Ho Lao Pagoda

The appearance of Dong Trieu Town’s communes and wards is changing day by day, creating a modern and civilized image in the integration and development trends of the old Dong Trieu fourth war zones. Thanks to a decisive move, from the first locality in Quang Ninh and the North Vietnam achieving the 2015 new rural standard, currently, Dong Trieu Town is continuing to implement the province’ roadmap, determining to successfully build a typical rural model in the three communes of An Sinh, Viet Dan and Binh Khe in 2017. Dong Trieu Town’s development, with its steady steps, has been continuing the glorious history in the innovation and integration period, contributing to the general development of Quang Ninh Province.|
Translated by Thu Giang