Ha Long City upgrades sewer and pumping system

Tuesday, Aug 08 2017, 08:55

QTV - In order to deal with floods, since late 2016, Ha Long city has invested in upgrading and constructing new drain and pumping stations. 

The new pump station in Yet Kieu Ward

The pumping station in District 2A, 2B, Cao Xanh Ward, Ha Long City has been in operation since May, so far, this project has promoted the efficiency in water drainage in the recent heavy rains. While in the District 4 of Yet Kieu Ward, the new pump station has also been effectively operating. Previously, when it heavily rained, the surface drainage used to be jam, causing temporary flooding, but the new pump station system has thoroughly resolved this situation. Although the sewer system along Nguyen Van Cu Street has not completed the downstream part, it has already guaranteed drainage. Besides investing and upgrading the pumping stations and sewage systems, the dredging of sewage flows should also be considered in order to minimize the inundation in the rainy season.
Translated by Chu Linh