Ha Long City strengthens administrative disciplines and rules

Friday, Aug 11 2017, 13:44

QTV - Implementing Quang Ninh’s 201a7 theme on “strengthening administrative disciplines and rules, building cultural and civilized lifestyles”, Ha Long City tightened governmental office disciplines and rules, raised officials and civil servants’ attitude of serving people, towards building an effective administration.

Hong Hai Ward's staff instructs local people to settle administrative procedures

In order to improve the quality of handling administrative procedures for the people, Hong Ha ward’s authority publicized information about the process for settling administrative procedures and received feedback from citizens. At Ha Long City’s public administrative center, staffs are always cheerful, friendly, serious and well-organized to fulfill their mission. The good implementation of administrative disciplines and rules is a basis for Ha Long City to effectively implement administrative reform, significantly contributing to promoting the local socio-economic development. 
Translated by Thu Giang