Roles of Labour Union in customs branch upheld

Monday, Jul 24 2017, 13:01

QTV - In recent years, the Labour Union of Quang Ninh Customs has excellently performed the protection of its members’ rights , promoted emulation movements effectively, thereby contributing to encourage them to fulfill their assigned tasks. 

Quang Ninh Customs' Labour Union has  promoted emulation movements effectively

Through the launch of emulation movements, over the past five years, Quang Ninh Customs has realized 300 innovative ideas, contributing to improving its operation.  Besides, it has also paid special attention to protecting its members’  legitimate rights and interests, actively participated charity and gratitude works. The movements and activities launched by the union have evoked the spirit of hard working among civil servants and workers. For many consecutive years, QuangNinh Customs’ Labour Union has received many certificates of merit and emulation flags from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the QuangNinhLabor Union.
Translated by Quynh Trang