Quang Ninh delegates to attend 12th Vietnam Trade Union Congress
QTV - On Sept.20th, Quang Ninh provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Council, Nguyen Van Doc, met with delegates attending the 12th Congress of the Vietnam Trade Union , term 2018 – 2023, from Sept. 24th - 26th in Hanoi.
Quang Ninh People's Committee's regular meeting in Sept.
QTV - On Sept. 20th, Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee , Nguyen Duc Long, hosted a regular meeting in Sept. to evaluate the implementation of socio-economic development tasks, the provincial People's Committee's direction in this Sept and in 9 months of 2018 as well as other important contents.
Mong Cai City recognized as the 2nd grade urban area
QTV - On Sept.19th, The Prime Minister has signed Decision recognizing Mong Cai City as the 2nd-grade urban area under Quang Ninh Province.
Patient with cardiac arrest rescued thanks to hypothermia
QTV - Recently, Quang Ninh General Hospital has successfully resuscitated a patient with cardiac arrest thanks to hypothermia. Quang Ninh General Hospital is the 3rd hospital in the country to implemen this technology, opening the opportunity for patients with circulatory arrest.
In response to the campaign World Cleanup Day, 2018.
QTV - On Sept.20th, many localities in the province responded the campaign World Cleanup Day, 2018 , under the theme "Waste management for a sustainable rural environment".
Regular press conference
QTV - On Sept.18th, the Provincial Party Commitee Propaganda Department held a regular press conference and reported the 2nd Culture and Sports Week, 2018, for ethnic groups in the Northeastern province of Quang Ninh. .
Training on logistics administration
QTV - On Sept.18th, the Department of Industry and Trade held a training conference on effective logistics administration to improve competitiveness in the process of globalization and international economic integration.
10 works welcome the 10th anniversary of Mong Cai City's establishment
QTV - Mong Cai City held inauguration ceremonies for 10 works to welcome the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Mong Cai City, dating back on Sept.24th 2008.
Uong Bi strengthens environmental protection at Khe Giang Waste Treatment Area
QTV - Khe Giang Waste Treatment Area has been put into operation since 2015, thus environmental protection has been given special attention by local authority and relevant agencies.
Dam Ha: Food safety and hygiene during Mid-Autumn Festival ensured
QTV - From Sept.17 to Oct. 15th, Dam Ha District's interdisciplinary inspection delegation checked all confectionery and moon cake processing factories and large-scale wholesale shops at markets in the locality.
Fishing banned on Ha Long Bay
QTV - Ha Long Municipal People's Committee, Quang Ninh has issued a fishing ban on Ha Long Bay, the world's natural heritage site.
Measures tightened to prevent African swine flu
QTV - Sharing 43km of border line with China where is being hit hard by African swine flu, Binh Lieu is actively implementing preventative measures to protect husbandry production.
Supervising the implementation of state budget revenues and expenditures in Quang Ninh
QTV - On September 13th, the Supervision Board under National Assembly Finance and Budget Committee worked with Quang Ninh People's Committee on the implementation of the State budget estimates in 2018 and the draft budget for 2019.
Efficiency of applying IT in land management
QTV - With the aim of gradually modernizing the state management of land, since 2014, Quang Ninh's Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Uong Bi City as used Environmental and Land Information System ELIS. The application has brought many practical benefits to users.
Quang Ninh prevents African swine fever
QTV - Facing the fact that African swine fever has been detected in China, Quang Ninh has immediately implemented measures to prevent the disease coming in as it shares the common border line.
Farmers' Association Congress opens
QTV - Quang Ninh Farmers' Association has kicked off its congress for the term of 2018 - 2023 in Ha Long city.
Improving public administrative services
QTV - On Sept 11, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh presided over an online meeting on improving public administrative services. Vice-chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee Dang Huy Hau joined the meeting.
Uong Bi to remove manual lime kilns in 2018
QTV - Implementing provincial direction, Uong Bi City has actively implemented solutions to remove all illegally lime kilns prior to Dec 31st 2018.
Hoanh Bo: Over 21 billion invested in 135 communes
QTV - In 2018, Hoanh Bo District is allocated with 28 billion VND to invest in program No135. In order to promote the program, the district concentrates its investment in works relating to raising people's quality of life and supporting production development.
Land clearance for Van Don –Mong Cai Highway ensured
QTV - According to Mong Cai People's Committee's report at the meeting with Vice-chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee of Vu Van Dien, the locality is ready to hand over 14.5km out of 23.89km-long Van Don – Mong Cai Highway.
Mong Cai City standardized as 2nd-grade urban area
QTV - Mong Cai City satisfies all requirements to be recognized as 2nd-grade urban area, an assessment made by an Evaluation Board during a meeting organized by the Ministry of Construction.
Quang Ninh Sports Competition and Training Center to be finished prior to Apr 30th 2019
QTV - In order to connect with the 5,000-seat multipurpose Stadium, Quang Ninh has given priority to invest in Sports Competition and Training Center since Mar. To date, the project has been 40% complete.
Quang Ninh delegation works in Taiwan, China
QTV - From Sept 4th to 9th, Quang Ninh delegation, led by Permanent Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial people's Committee worked in Taiwan, China in order to increase cooperation in fishing breeding and aquaculture.
Quang Ninh Youth's Cuure Palace to be completed in this year
QTV - After more than 4 months of construction, 60% of Quang Ninh Youth's Culture Palace has been finished.
Quang Ninh wins an exellent certificate in 12th ASEAN workmanship competition
QTV - At 12th ASEAN workmanship competition taking place in Thailan from Aug 26th to Sept 5th, Vietnam ranked 3rd with result, 20 medals and 16 excellent certificates.