FO oil replaced successfully
QTV - So far, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has invested VND 10 billion to replace FO oil with DO oil in order to minimize the amount of dust emissions when starting the steam boiler as well as during the process of trouble treatment.
Electricity supply to Reu Island, Cam Pha City
QTV - Being inaugurated in early April, after seven months of construction, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Quang Ninh Province, on Oct 30th, Quang Ninh Power Company officially supplied electricity to Reu Island of Cam Pha City.
Blood donation in Dam Ha District
QTV - Dam Ha district's steering committee of voluntary blood donation has organized the second voluntary blood donation program in 2018.
Dong Trieu accelerates administrative reform
QTV - In order to improve administrative reform and create favorable conditions for people and enterprises, in 2018, Dong Trieu town continues to apply new solutions in handling administrative procedures and making positive changes.
Uong Bi terminates operation of lime kilns by the end of this year
QTV - Implementing the provincial guidelines on terminating the operation of man-made lime kilns, Uong Bi City is focusing on deploying solutions to complete this task by the end of 2018.
Implementing STEM education
QTV - Implementing the goal of comprehensive education and training, since the school year of 2016- 2017, Quang Ninh has been one of the first five provinces in Vietnam to implement STEM education, integrating many subjects in one basing on practical applications.
Vang Danh coal copany cares for workers
QTV - In order to keep the employees close to each other, over the past time, along with the application of science and technology and improvement in working conditions for employees, Vang Danh Coal Joint Stock Company has cared for the material and spiritual life of employees.
Quang Ninh Provincial Standing Party Committee works with Quang Ninh Coal Party Committee
QTV - Quang Ninh Provincial Standing Party Committee worked with Quang Ninh Coal Party Committee.
People in Da Trang Hamlet, Hoanh Bo enjoy happiness
QTV - After 13 years of being abandoned, from 2017 until now, people in Da Trang hamlet, Thong Nhat Commune, Hoanh Bo District have cultivated thanks to the province's interest for land investment. To date, over 18 out of 21.7 ha of land on Ba Sao Field have been revitalized, bringing a stable source of food for farmers.
Best speaker competition, 2018
QTV - On Oct.25 th, at the provincial conference center, Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee held a provincial best speaker competition, 2018 under the theme "Bringing Party Resolution in practice"
Ha Phong Ward resettlement fishing village's students enjoy favorable studying conditions
QTV - After 5 years living at the resettlement area of Ha Phong Ward, Ha Long fish village's children enjoyed better living condition and studying environment.
Giving ideas on Van Don Economic Zone Planning
QTV - Chaired the meeting on a master planning for socio-economic development and Van Don Economic planning, Quang Ninh provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Council, Nguyen Van Doc, asked relevant units to accelerate the progress of the above plans.
Training on consumer rights protection
QTV - On Oct.25th, the Union of Provincial Science and Technology Associations in coordination with the Quang Ninh Association of Consumer Rights Protection propagated and trained for members of the Women's Unions in 20 wards in Ha Long city on consumer rights protection law and the law on food safety and hygiene
Outstanding businesswomen honored in Cam Pha City
QTV - Cam Pha City in combination with the city 's Business Association held a meeting with outstanding businesswomen, honored and rewarded 39 typical businesswomen in the area.
Lien Vi's local road to be like its original status in Oct
QTV - To ensure the progress of upgrading Ha Nam Dyke, Dai An Investment and Construction Joint-stock Company uses a local road in Vi Khe Hamlet, Lien Vi Commune, Quang Yen Town as a transportation road. The project has been completed so it plans to restore the road and complete it in Oct.
Laotian students in Quang Ninh enjoy the most favorable conditions
QTV - To implement the cooperative program between Quang Ninh and 3 northern provinces of Laos, namely Luang Prabang, Houphan, and Xaynhabuly, universities and colleges in Quang Ninh have created the most favorable conditions for Laotian students.
Environmental work along Vietnamese-Chinese Border River
QTV - Po Hen Border Soldiers and people in Hai Son Commune, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam and Fangchengcang Border Soldiers and people in Naliang Town, Fangchengcang, Guangxi province, China organized a program entiled "Broder spring clean-up" which includes environmental works and rubbish collection along Vietnamese-Chinese border line.
Propaganda on children protection
QTV - Quang Ninh's Department of Labour, War Invalids, and Social Welfare held a meeting to propagandize the protection and care for children
Nguyen Van Cu Training School for Cadres completed this year
QTV - After many times of delay, the investor in the construction of Nguyen Van Cu Training School for Cadres is urging contractors to mobilize human resources and machinery to hasten the progress to complete the construction this Dec.
Green transformations for energy and water resource security in the Mekong sub-region
QTV - On Oct 16th, a capacity building seminar on Green transformations for energy and water resource security in the Mekong sub-region was held in Ha Long City attracting the participation of more than 100 domestic and international specialists, experts and scientists.
Quang Ninh Women's Association sums up 2 year movement
QTV - In Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Women's Association held a meeting to sum up 2 year's implementation of the campaign "Building home with 5 nos and 3 cleans".
Provincial leaders meet tourist boat operators on Ha Long Bay
QTV - An Entrepreneurs Café was held for tourist boat operators on Ha Long Bay in order to solve their problems.
Tien Yen holds OCOP Fair
QTV - OCOP fair is taking place in Tien Yen District, marking the start of the 2nd Culture and Sports Week of Ethnic People in the North eatern region of Quang Ninh 2018.
Quang Ninh Customs signs coordinative mechanism with localities
QTV - The Party Committees of Quang Ninh Customs, Uong Bi City and Quang Yen Town have signed coordinative mechanism in the period of 2018-2020.
Green and clean schools thanks to actions
QTV - In order the bring the most educational environment to students, along with improving the quality of teaching and learning, education sector in Cam Pha City has implemented the model of Green, Clean an Safe School Model effectively at its every school.