Quan Lan Dyke Upgrade to complete in 2018
QTV - In Oct 2016, Quang Ninh's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development started upgrading Quan Lan Dyke, Van Don District. Investors are asking contractors to hasten its progress to complete the upgrading this year.
Exhibition on Taiwan education
QTV - On March 18th, Taipei Office for Education, Economy, and Culture, Taiwan Education Center in Ha Noi, Taiwan's Wenzao University of Language, and Ha Long University co-organized an exhibition on Taiwan education 3018.
Improving the quality of teaching and learning foreign language
QTV - An extracurricular program entitled "English Festival 2018" was organized at Van Lang School, Ha Long City.
QTV - On Mar 15th, Quang Ninh Steering Committee for Criminal and Social Evil Prevention and "Whole people protect national defense" movement held a meeting to put forwards missions for 2018.
Ha Nam Dyke upgraded
QTV - In 2018, Ha Nam Dyke is upgraded with 5 more km, contributing to improving the capacity of storm and tide resistance, local people's life and property.
Ground clearance for Van Don Mong Cai Highway
QTV - In Tien Yen District, Quang Ninh launched ground clearance and compensation for Van Don Mong Cai Highway Project.
Asphaing the surface of Ha Long Van Don Highway to be completed before Apr 30th
QTV - Apr 30th 2018 is the deadline for the completion of asphalting Ha Long Van Don Highway.
Summary of co-ordination between Quang Ninh Police's Party Committee and local Party Committees
QTV - Attending and giving a speech at the conference to summarize the 2017 co-ordination between Quang Ninh Police's Party Committee and Party Committees from districts, towns and cities , Deputy Secretary of provincial standing party committee , Do Thi Hoang, appreciated the two sides' coordinated regulations .
Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee works with VNPT Group
QTV - At a meeting on Smart Urban Project suggested by Vietnam Post and Telecommunications VNPT, Chairman of Quang Ninh People's committee, Nguyen Duc Long, emphasized that Quang Ninh should pay special attention to building e-government and promoting IT application in the province's state administrative agencies.
Ha Long City accelerates the progress of key transport insfrastructure projects
QTV - To build Ha Long into a modern and civilized tourism city, welcoming the National Tourism Year Halong – Quang Ninh, 2018, Ha Long city is now accelerating the progress of key transport infrastructure projects and determined to complete before April 25th 2018.
Free examination on International Women's Day
QTV - During this March, VinMec Ha Long International Hospital organises a free obstetric and gynecological examination for women in the province with the participation of experts from National Hospital of obstetrics and gynecology.
Co Ngua Bridge puts into operation after over 6 months' construction
QTV - After over 6 months' construction, Co Ngua Bridge in Luong Mong Commune, Ba Che District has been completed.
Mong Cai Women join hands to protect environment
QTV - Implementing the province's 2018 task theme on " protecting and improving the quality of natural environment, recently, Mong Cai Municipal Women's Union has implemented many good and creative ways ,promoting a core role of women members in environmental protection activities.
Green growth promotion in Ha Long Bay
QTV - On March 4th, Standing Vice Chairperson of Quang Ninh People's Committee, Dang Huy Hau, hosted a meeting to listen to a report on the project's progress "Green growth promotion in Ha Long Bay" the 2nd phase funded by the Jica.
Seminar on
QTV - Along with the exciting spirit of Quang Ninh Youth, promoting the spirit of patriotism, following the tradition of heroic mining area, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union ,Women's Union and Ha Long City's Military Steering Committee held a seminar on "Following elders 'examples, worthy to be Uncle Ho's soldiers".
Quang Ninh Social Insurance strengthens its reform at administrative centers
QTV - Since June 1st, 2017, Quang Ninh Social Insurance has implemented the receipt and return of results of handling administrative procedures at public administrative centers in 14 districts, towns and cities, as well as the evaluation and approval at public administrative centers.
Dong Trieu youths ready to join the army
QTV - Along with localities in the province, on March 5th , Dong Trieu Town's 220 young people will join the army, performing the sacred duty for the country.
Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee Secretary checks production situation in Quang Yen Town
QTV - On March 1st, Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Council, Nguyen Van Doc, visited and checked production and business situation at some ship-building enterprises and aquaculture cultivation households in Ha An Ward, Quang Yen Town
Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee receives Japanese investors
QTV - Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee Nguyen Duc Long met with leaders of Mitani Sangyo Group and the Hokuriku – Vietnam Association of Investment Promotion Business on a visit to seek investment opportunities in Van Don Economic Zone.
Ha Long City tightens administrative discipline and corporate cuure.
QTV - Immediately after the Lunar New Year holiday in 2018, Ha Long City has focused on directing all wards to tighten administrative disciplines and strictly implement culture and corporate culture, meeting organizations and citizens' demands.
Provincial leaders wish the senior longevity
QTV - Halong Municipal Retirement Club held a meeting to celebrate Spring 2018 and mark the 8tth anniversary of Vietnam Party's establishment.
Mong Cai Heah Center improve people's heah care
QTV - "Promote physicians' ethics for people's sake" is the guiding principle of Mong Cai Health Center's nurses and doctors over years. On the front lines of the country, they manage to overcome the difficulties of being the most health care facility provincewide to take care local people.
Telecommunication - IT solutions in the education sector
QTV - Quang Ninh's Department of Education and Training and its Post and Telecommunications VNPT signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of telecommunication and IT solutions in the education sector.
Hai Ha District: Number of students going to schools ensured
QTV - Ensuring the number of classes after Tet holiday is always a hard work for schools in upland areas. To ensure students' learning, every school has to make every effort.
Vietnam's 4 border provinces and Guangxi talk on trade investment and cooperation exchange
QTV - Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee , Le Quang Tung, and leaders of Departments of Industry and Trade, Foreign Affairs, representatives of some enterprises of the province participated in the talk on trade investment and cooperation exchange between Vietnam's 4 border provinces of Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.