Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital masters congenital heart disease treatment
QTV - Congenital heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in newborns. To date, Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital has been able to perform open heart surgery successfully in the treatment of congenital heart disease.
463 units and individuals registered to support disadvantaged communes and hamlets
QTV - In response to the call of the Quang Ninh Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Fatherland Front Committee, by January 10, 463 offices, units and individuals had registered to support extremely disadvantaged communes and villages
Gifts offered to poor households in Cam Pha
QTV - Cam Pha Town Charity has offered 135 gifts worth over 100 million VND to poor households in Dong Van and Dong Tam Communes .
The approval of E5 bio-gasoline
QTV - Since January 1st of 2018, the E5 RON 92 gasoline, has officially replaced RON 92 gasoline nationwide. After more than a week of selling in Quang Ninh, most people feel satisfied with this environmental friendly bio-fuel.
Quality assurance, operational safety ATM
QTV - At the end of the year, many departments and units paid salary and through ATM accounts to employees. Therefore, banks in Quang Ninh have well prepared schemes for transaction, ensuring security and comfortability for card payment.
Quang Ninh police suppress the crime toward the 2018 Lunar New Year
QTV - After 2 weeks of implementing the Plan No. 12 on security and order, traffic safety of Quang Ninh police, the traffic police has coordinated with the related forces to strengthen the patrol and control, ensuring security and order, traffic safety and crime prevention on National Highway No.18 and key areas.
Reviewing on the establishment of Van Don special economic administrative unit
QTV - The delegation of Central Appraisal Council has conducted a field trip to Van Don District and worked with Quang Ninh province on the project of establishing the special economic administrative unit of Van Don.
Strengthening the market control ahead 2018 Lunar New Year
QTV - It is just over one month until the 2018 Lunar New Year. In order to stabilize the market, prevent trade frauds, counterfeit and poor quality goods, the market control team No.5 of Ha Long Branch has strengthened inspection to detect and handle violations.
In 2017, Quang Ninh reduced poverty rate by 1.14%
QTV - In 2017, the poverty reduction program was implemented in conjunction with Project No.196 and the New Rural Construction Program. The corporation of resources has contributed to boosting the province's pace of sustainable poverty reduction. By now, Quang Ninh is one of the 10 provinces with the lowest poverty rates in Vietnam.
Accelerating the construction pace of Bach Dang Bridge
QTV - Conducting the campaign "60 days to achieve the target of 2017 plan, emulating to complete Bach Dang bridge ensuring Safety - Quality - Progress", from November 1st to December 31st , the contractors have rapidly mobilize human resources, equipment, speeded up the pace and ensuring the quality of construction.
Yen Khanh - the model of new rural hamlet in Dong Trieu
QTV - On building models of new rural hamlet, many villages of Quang ninh have positively changed in both appearance and life standard of the the residents. Yen Khanh hamlet in Yen Duc commune, Dong Trieu town is a typical.
Collaborating in recruiting army of 2018
QTV - On Jan 4th, 2018, the Military Command of Quang Ninh hosted a conference with military units on collaboration in recruitment of army force of 2018.
Successfully performed the opening-heart surgery and patched ventricular vent
QTV - Quang ninh obstetrics and pediatrics hospital has successfully performed the first opening heart surgery and ventricular septal defect for 2 children under 5 months old. This is one of the achievements of the hospital towards mastering the techniques of cardiovascular care for children.
Bio-gasoline for environmental protection
QTV - From January 1st, the E5 RON 92 gasoline, also called E5, will totally replace RON 92 gasoline.
Tighten administrative disciplines to better meet demand of people
QTV - In 2017, Quang Ninh implemented action theme of the year called "Strengthening administrative discipline; building a cultural and civilized lifestyle", an administrative reform breakthrough of the province. Thanks to this action program, the administrative procedures at all levels were handled in better manner and received good response from people, organizations and businesses.
Quang Ninh finishes medical checks for military recruitment 2018
QTV - By the end of December, the military service councils of 14 districts, towns and cities in Quang Ninh province have completed military recruitment examinations 2018 for young men in suitable age ranges.
Tien An Commune fulfill new rural construction criteria
QTV - Taking advantages of the locality, in recent years, Trang An commune, Dong Trieu town has built many household economic models, created jobs for rural laborers and contributed to promoting socio- economy of the locality.
Bringing warmth to poor pupils in the uplands
QTV - Bringing warmth to poor pupils in the uplands is a volunteer program co-organized by Nam Huy Company, OtoFun Quang Ninh Company and the Labor Union of Dam Ha District, the Labor Union of Dam Ha Court, the Procuracy of the District.
To develop logistics services
QTV - In Ha Long City, the Import-Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade cooperated with the Quang Ninh Provincial Department of Industry and Trade to hold a conference on solutions to improve competitiveness to develop Quang Ninh logistics services in the process of economic integration.
Cam Pha to connect to Ha Long and Van Don to co-develop
QTV - Attending the 5th meeting of the 20th People's Council of Cam Pha, Mr Nguyen Van Doc , Secretary of Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of Provincial People's Council directed that Cam Pha has to connect to Ha Long, Van Don to co-develop.
Quang ninh: Over 13,000 bil VND allocated for new rural construction
QTV - In 2017, thanks to the involvemnet of political levels, industries and departments, Quang Ninh has harvested oustanding results while implementing the National Target Program to build new rural areas.
A precious medical plant cuivated sucessfully.
QTV - Stephania– a precious medical plant in nature, which is extracted to produce sedatives. Thai Duong Science Services One Member limited liability company made researches and sucessfully bred this rare plant.
Ensure security and safety for ATM service during the Tet holiday
QTV - To ensure quality, security, and safety of ATMs, best serve demands of customers in the coming New Year celebration and the traditional Tet holiday, the State Bank of Vietnam issued Doc No.10303.
Quang Ninh Management Board of Cuural and Sports facilities Investment completing the capital disbursement plan of 2017
QTV - In 2017, Quang Ninh Management Board of Culture and Sports facilities Investment was allocated nearly VND 250 billion for construction investment. Up to now, all the projects under this capital have basically ensured the planned progress.
Uong Bi city exercise fire fighting and rescue plan of 2017
QTV - At the Branch of Golden Star Company Ltd. , the Uong Bi City government organized the exercise of firefighting and rescue project in 2017.