Uong Bi Coal Co. strives to exploit over 2.5 million tons of coal in 2018

Monday, Oct 29 2018, 16:21

QTV - In order to complete the plan in 2018, along with coal production units under Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group, Uong Bi Coal Co. is implementing 90 days of of competition for producing 650,000 tons of coal and selling nearly 400,000 tons of coal

Uong Bi Coal Company

From the beginning of the 4th Quarter, the production emulation movement at workshops and pits of Uong Bi Coal Co. has been promoted. Labor safety has been given special attention to. Uong Bi  Coal Company is one of the units assigned by Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group to increase coal exploitation, from 2.4 mil.tons to over 2.5 mil tons, and coal consumption from 2.3 mil tons to nearly 2.4 mil. tons ,  compared to the early year’s plan. Thanks to stable coal production and consumption, the average income of over 6,000 workers is  always 13 mil.VND/ person/ month.
Translated by Thu Giang