Thanh Tuyen Brick

Wednesday, Oct 03 2018, 16:21

QTV - Pioneering in using ashes and wastes of thermal power plants to manufacture unburnt bricks, Thanh Tuyen Unburnt Bricks Factory, after one year of operation, has brought out high quality products with diversified designs. It is gradually affirming its brand and receving positive response from the market. 

Thanh Tuyen Unburnt Brick Factory

Under the slogan of “green bricks for coolness and prosperity”, Thanh Tuyen has introduced three types of products including bricks, colored tiles and high quality interior and exterior terrazzo. Owing outstanding advantages, theses products are available in 8 countries over the world. With capacity of 200 mill of brick units a year, the factory uses 70% ashes and wastes of a local thermal power plant. In coming time, the company will invest in technologies to upgrade the production chain, aiming to consume 100% of watse of the thermal power plant in 2020. The business of the factory contributes to solving problems caused by thermal power plants and joining hands to protect the natural environment of the province. 
Translated by Dao Linh