Rice and Nereidae cultivated in organic way

Tuesday, Oct 09 2018, 16:13

QTV - To grow nereidae, a kind of special worm in Quang Ninh, the provincial agricultural extension center has piloted model of raising rice and nereidae on an area of 8ha in Dong Trieu and Uong Bi. By now, the plantation has brought in results, promising a new way of livelihood for local farmers. 

Agriculture department's officials are catching neredea in the rice field.
Agriculture department's officials are catching nereidae in the rice field.


Nereidae is a knid of worm used for meals.
Nereidae is a kìnd of worm used for meals.

Hung Dao Ward, Dong Trieu Town and Phuong Nam Ward, Uong Bi City were chosen to implement the model. By now, 12 mill Nereidaes, provided by National Center for Aquatic species in the North (NACMAN), have been handed to growers and are expected to fully develop in 25 days. Quang Ninh’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development assessed that 500 ha of land in Dong Trieu, Quang Yen and Uong Bi is suitable for Nereidae. Previously, most of Nereidae were collected in the wild, however, the combination of growing rice and nereidae has opened a new sustainable way for Quang Ninh’s agriculture to develop such a fresh, safe with high economic return product.  
Translated by Dao Linh