Nui Beo Coal launches 90 days of day-and –night working

Monday, Oct 15 2018, 16:41

QTV - In order to boost progress of mining investment projects, change from open-pit mining to coal pit mining, Nui Beo Coal JSC has launched 90 days and nights of peak working, determined to finish production targets of the fourth quarter and 2018. 

Leaders of Vinacomin at a mining site of Nui Beo Coal Company.
Leaders of Vinacomin at a mining site of Nui Beo Coal Company on Oct 8th,2018.
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For this emulation movement, Nui Beo tries to unload 1.9 mil m3 of soil and rocks, exploit 50 thousand tons to coal and dig 3 thousand meters of pit. The company has assigned specific tasks to factories and mining sites. Currently, Nui Beo Coal is focusing on mining at minus 350 meters. Under the spirit of discipline, solidarity, cadres and workers of Nui Beo are overcoming difficulties and finish the assigned targets. Nui Beo Coal strives to dig 7,500 meters of pit, remove more than 3.8 mill m3 of soil, exploit 850 thousand tons to coal and earn more than 1,900 bill VND. 
Translated by Dao Linh