Van Don farmers get richer from Tapes literatus

Wednesday, Jun 27 2018, 15:57

QTV - After geoduck clams, Van Don farmers have been piloting tapes literatus for 5 years. The tapes literatus is easy- to - raise, suitable with local water and weather, take short time to fully growth and bring high economic return.

The tapes literatus farm at Ban Sen, Van Don.
The tapes literatus farm at Ban Sen, Van Don.
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Van Don has 2.300 ha of mud to raise mollusks, of which more than 450 ha are being used to raise tapes literatus. Households make use of the surface water to raise oysters while the bottom layer for raising tapes literatus, helping increase the income per hectare to over 4 billion VND per year. Van Don planned to have 33 aquaculture sites in 8 communes. It is expected that in 2018, the tapes literatus production of Van Don is about 8,000 tons, bringing the revenue of hundreds of billion for farmers.
Translated by Dao Linh