Successfully researching new rice varieties adaptable to climate change

Tuesday, Jun 12 2018, 16:16

QTV - As the only unit in Quang Ninh specializing in research and production of plant varieties, over the past years, Quang Ninh Seed Joint Stock Company not only contributed the precious rice varieties to the National variety list, but also provided many high quality varieties for mass production in Quang Ninh and many provinces and cities nationwide. 

Quang Ninh Seed JSC's rice varieties bring high yields to farmers

By the end of 2017, the company’s 14 new rice varieties were recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. To successfully research a rice variety into mass production, Quang Ninh Seed Joint Stock Company took nearly ten years of research and experiment in many different areas. Currently, the company’s staffs are still researching to create new rice varieties, helping farmers increase their incomes.
Translated by Thu Giang