Dong Trieu's Thieu litchi consumption promoted

Wednesday, Jun 06 2018, 15:22

QTV - Binh Khe Commune, Dong Trieu Town in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Trade organized a conference to promote Thieu litchi’s consumption, 2018.

Dong Trieu's Thieu litchi

At present, Dong Trieu Town has 948 ha of litchi, mainly in Trang Luong, Binh Khe, An Sinh, Hong Thai Dong communes. This year, Dong Trieu Town’s litchi productivity is expected to reach an average of 12 tons per ha, bringing a total output of over 11,500 tons. From 2015 up to now, Dong Trieu Town has applied Thieu litchi cultivation process and care in line with Vietgap standards, ensuring the quality as well as food safety and hygiene, bringing high economic efficiency to households. On this occasion, Dong Trieu Town signed contracts with enterprises, supermarkets inside and outside the province to buy Dong Trieu litchi.
Translated by Thu Giang