Seminar on PCI improvement

Monday, Apr 02 2018, 12:12

QTV - Quang Ninh Standing Party Committee held a in-depth seminar on Provincial Competitiveneess  Index PCI 2017 and put forwards solutions to improve the index in 2018.

Seminar scenery

With the target of being the 1st in the top nationwide leading business investment environment and PCI 2018 improvement, Quang Ninh Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Van Doc asked departments and localities, especially offices which had been assigned to be reponsible for PCI components, to research and make plans with detailed tasks and innovative solutions.  According to provincial leaders, business invornment needs futher improving via higher operational effeciency of public administrative services centres, administrative reforms, on the same boat with enterprises, and stricter public disciplines. 
Translated by Quynh Trang