Quang Ninh releases 2 million fingerlings

Monday, Apr 02 2018, 12:12

QTV - Apr 1st is recognized as Vietnam Fishery Day. In response to the day, Quang Ninh called on localities, organizations, and people to release fingerlings in order to restock aquatic resources. 2 million fresh-water and salt-water finglerings in total have been released into the wild.

Provincial leaders and local people released fingerlings to protect aquaculture resouces

Thanks to its 250 km of coastal line, more than 6,000 km of sea surface, over 40,000 ha of tidal flats, and many rivers and lakes from the east to the west, Quang Ninh has great potentials for aquaculture culture and exploration. To develop the sector sustainably, the province has applied many measures to protect and restore aquatic resources. Apart from encouraging fingerling release, the province has dealt strictly with over-fishing. 
Translated by Quynh Trang