High incomes from planting biomass corn

Tuesday, Apr 10 2018, 11:28

QTV - Since the beef cattle and beef breeding project of Phu Lam Co., Ltd in Quang Nghia commune, Mong Cai City put into operation, this unit has coordinated with many localities in the province to establish a material plantation area, mostly biomass corn – main food for beef, thereby creating stable incomes for farmers.

Biomass corn cultivation field 

Hai Ha district is  the first locality combining with Phu Lam Co. to plant biomass corn for cattle feeding. Biomass corn is easy to grow, only 3 months for harvest. Farmers can grow 3 crops each year , getting higher incomes than rice. At present, Hai Ha district has mobilized farm households to convert the inefficient rice cultivation areas  into corn cultivation areas at 4 communes of Quang Duc, Quang Dien, Quang Thanh and Quang Phong with an area of 30 ha.  According to the project developing beef cattle and beef breeding, Phu Lam Co.Ltd. needs a 2000 ha area  for biomass corn cultivation . However, the company only coordinated with 5 localities in Quang Ninh and planted biomass corn on 300 ha area.
Translated by Thu Giang